TRC-3A Seismic Wireless Intrusion Detection System

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USGI TRC-3A Seismic Intrusion "Complete Radio Set", 148.02 Mhz, VG Condition
Vintage U.S. Military Dorsett Intrusion Detector/Receiver Set
Vietnam Era Seismic Intrusion detectors
This set includes 4 Model TRC-3A Detectors ~ 1 Receiver ~ one carry pouch

Seismic probes detect minute earth vibrations and detect a person walking, a vehicle driving by or even LOW FLYING aircraft within a 20-30 yard circumference around each probe. Each probe also has it's own sensitivity setting, you might want one probe more (or less) sensitive than the others. The detection is sent via the attached transmitter to the receiver. The intruder never knows they are detected until it’s too late. The receiver is portable which means you can carry it with you