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Swiss Salt & Pepper Backpack Reproduction

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Swiss Salt & Pepper Backpack Reproduction

This is beautiful bag is a reproduction of the Swiss Salt & Pepper backpack. It's made with real Swiss quality in mind and out of the same sturdy materials. It features the classic look and feel of the original salt and pepper material. With the originals nearing extinction, this is the next best thing. They make for a perfect every day carry, book-bag, and weekender.

  • measures: 18" x 15" x 6"
  • Outside pocket is 9"x 10" with leather straps and metal buckles with snap closer
  • Main compartment has leather strap closer combined with adjustable rope draw
  • Inside bag includes a small zippered pocket with two additional pockets for small accessories

This item is for sale in our store and on our website. We are not responsible if we sell out.