Surefire KL4 LED Conversion Head

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The SureFire KL4 LED Conversion Head provides digitally regulated LED technology for their E2, E2E, E2O, and E2D flashlights. The primary benefit of LEDs over incandescent lamps is runtime. Because LEDs produce light more efficiently at lower wattage levels, batteries that would be useless in an incandescent flashlight often have enough power to run a LED module for an extended period of time.

Normally, LEDs do not produce a steady amount of light throughout the run-time of the battery. To ensure a consistent light output for as long as possible, SureFire has created and installed a digital regulator circuit into the KL4.

The KL4 features a high-output 5W LED that delivers a 100 lumen beam for one hour.

High-output 5W Led
Pyrex window with anti-reflective coating
CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum
Applicable to E2, E2E, E2O, & E2D Flashlights
1.0" Bezel accepts SureFire's accessory filters and cover
White LED for maximum brightness, and true-to-life colors
Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing for corrosion and wear-resistance
Shock-proof Luxeon Star LED rated for thousands of hours of usage
Digital regulator circuitry ensures consistent light output for maximum duration, light output does not "drop off" like an unregulated LED
Output & Runtime
Maximum output of 100 lumens white light for one hour
(followed by over two hours of useful light)
Made in the USA