Rothco Navy with Red Stripe Wool Blanket 62x80

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Rothco Navy with Red Stripe Wool Blanket


A staple of the US Military for reliable warmth & protection - wool blankets helps you brave the elements during camping trips, outdoor adventures, or during any day-to-day use. Rothco is the foremost supplier of military, tactical, outdoor, survival clothing and gear.

  • The Natural Fire Retardant Material Makes This Wool Blanket Ideal For Using During A Campfire
  • The Easily Transportable Blanket Folds Up To Compactly Store In Your Backpack, Bug Out Bag, Or Survival Bag
  • Wool Blanket Provides Instant Warmth On The Go/Designed To Trap Body Heat And Made From 55% Woven Wool
  • Measures 62 Inches X 80 Inches Making This Blanket Perfect To Use Alone Or With Another Person
  • Created With A Striped Design

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