Red Rock G.I. Style Poncho Liner

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Red Rock G.I. Style Poncho Liner

At Red Rock Outdoor Gear, we've learned that producing great gear is about understanding how our customers are using our current products as well as standing behind each and every item we sell.

Manufactured to be regarded as a very good item for pretty much any individual, we're positive you are going to love the G.I.Style Poncho Liner .

These ponchos are designed by using heavy duty and efficient materials, to be able to provide you with product which will be powerful for countless years. 

  • Poncho and liner combination can be used as a wraparound sleeping bag or as a blanket.
  • Tie strings on corners and sides
  • 100% nylon outer shell
  • 100% polyester fill
  • Size: 82"x 58"

This item is for sale in our store and on our website. We are not responsible if we sell out.