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RapidStop Military Combat Tourniquet Black

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RapidStop Tourniquet Black
Easiest to use, fastest to occlusion.

The RapidStop Tourniquet relies on key technologies to provide rapid, intuitive and easy one-hand self-application that requires only gross motor control to achieve full occlusion in 11 seconds. Even faster when a responder uses both hands, the RapidStop Tourniquet achieves full occlusion reliably and rapidly to control hemorrhage for injuries to arms and legs between 7 and 33 inches in circumference.


Attach above the wound instead of over it.

    Single handed self-application requires only gross motor skills.
    Quickly secure the tourniquet above wound without dexterous routing through buckles or over injured or trapped limbs - even with gloves on.
    Mechanical clasp avoids hook and loop Velcro closure that can be compromised by dirt and grit.


Vastly improve time to occlusion.

    Large and rugged 2 Inch D-Ring is easily grasped.
    Does not require a stabilizing hand.
    Supplies a 2:1 mechanical advantage prior to ratcheting.
    Will not slip, does not require using your teeth to stop it from spinning around your arm.


Reliable full occlusion.

    A mechanical advantage of 8:1 makes it easier and quicker to achieve high compression forces.
    Dual latch release provides a secure hold that allows quick removal.


Fits vast majority of adult limb sizes from 7 - 33 Inches.

    A perfect fit on limbs from the 1st percentile of female upper arm sizes to the 99th percentile of male upper thigh sizes.
    600N tensile strength is 3 times stronger than the 200N needed to fully occlude blood flow.
    Mil-W-17337 spec; 1.5 inch wide with 8,000N breaking strength and superior abrasion resistance.


2-step process clearly marked on the tourniquet.

    Step 1 indicated with stitched waterproof vinyl tags resistant to wear and tear.
    Step 2 indicated in large print right in the plastic of the ratchet handle.
    A time record label is located behind the d-ring strap below the quick clasp.


Award winning product design with patents pending.

    A suite of inventions position Rapid Stop Tourniquet as a market leader in speed and efficacy.
    MIT Soldier Design Competition awarded the RapidStop Tourniquet the most promising non-weapon tech in 2014.
    Made in New York, entirely of components made in the USA.

7.7 x 2 x 1.5 in

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