Primos Hunting 272 Friction Call, Turkey, Starter Pack

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Primos: Hunting 272 Friction Call

Turkey, Starter Pack

A comprehensive kit with the whole range of calls you need to get started speaking The Turkey s Language!. Designed by turkey-calling experts for realistic intense sound This kit includes one double sided box call one. Sonic Dome slate pot with slim striker one Sonic Dome double with bat cut diaphragm mouth call one conditioning kit and a case that carries it all. Features: - Double sided box call Sonic Dome slate pot - Slim striker Sonic Dome double with bat - cut diaphragm mouth call conditioning kit carrying case

Turkey Starter Pack:

This pack has everything you need to get started on your next turkey adventure. The Turkey Starter Pack includes a Sonic Dome Mouth Call, Sonic Dome Slate Call, Slim Striker and a double sided box call. This pack is excellent for beginners and advanced hunters.

  • Great for beginners and advanced hunters
  • Sonic Dome Mouth Call
  • Sonic Dome Slate Call
  • Slim Striker
  • Double Sided Box Call

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