Mosquito Bar w/ No-See-Um Netting OD

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Pest Net Large Single Size Mosquito Bar Green No-see-um netting

Netting: 256 holes per sq. inch(no-see-um) Size: length 79in. x width 33in. x height 59in. Weight: .65 lbs. or .302 kgs.

This Pest Net is a green, no-see-um, rectangular mosquito net, length 79in x width 33in x height 59in with 6 loops at the top. The mosquito bar has no-see-um mesh 256 holes per sq. inch. The mosquito bar is light in weight, .65 lbs. or .302 kgs. and easy to pack and carry. Folds into a nylon green bag that is 11in in height, 8in in width, and 4in thick. The mosquito net is 100% polyester and machine washable. It will not shrink or mildew. The mosquito bar has 6 loops at the top, one on each corner and one on each side that fit ropes or hooks and to create extra room. The Pest Net is long so that you can tuck it in at the bottom and still have lots of head room on a cot, bed, or the ground. Used for: cots, GI cots, scouts, travelling, camping, bunk beds, baby cribs, and back yards.