Major Mil-Spec Camo Face Paint Stick - Two Tubes

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Major Mil-Spec Camo Face Paint Stick


Face paint to keep you hidden in any environment from Desert to Jungle. One tube contains Sand color on one side and Brown on the other for dry brush and desert areas. The second tube has Black on one side and O.D. on the other for any woodland or jungle warfare terrain. Simple push-up design that can be applied with fingers or brush and is easily removed with soap and water. Our non-toxic, odorless, waterproof paint stops the reflection of the sun on your skin for absolute concealment. Handy sized tubes that fit in your pocket or pack. Perfect for your military costume for Halloween.

Features of the Paint Stick:

  • Each side of tube has separate color
  • Apply with fingers or brush
  • Soap and water removal
  • Stops reflection of the sun on your skin
  • Non-toxic, odorless, waterproof
  • Colors: Back/OD and Sand/Brown
  • Handy size - fits in your pocket
  • 6 1/4"L x 1 1/2" H
  • Each tube is 2 1/2"L x 1" Dia
  • Weighs .22 lbs

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