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Leupold Standard Rings Medium Matte 30mm

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30mm Rings Standard Medium Matte
Machined steel construction. Five different ring heights. Available in gloss blue, matte blue or silver finish. Engineered to match up with STD one-piece and two-piece bases.

Designed to withstand even the heaviest recoiling rifles, Leupold Standard Rings are constructed of machined steel. Stronger than aluminum, steel rings are perfect for locking your scope solidly into place. The front ring is dovetail style while the rear is windage adjustable. Leupold Standard Rings are ideal for use with Leupold Standard Bases.

Technical Information

Material: Steel

Ring Height: 1" Tube (measured from base of ring to bottom of scope tube)

  • Super-Low: .050"
  • Low: .150"
  • Medium: .270"
  • High: .400"
  • Super-High: .500"

Ring Height: 30mm Tube (measured from base of ring to bottom of scope tube)

  • Low: .055."
  • Medium: .175"
  • High: .310"
  • Super-High: .410"