Knife Sharpening Wheels

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Knife Sharpening Kit. A two-wheel system for sharpening or reconditioning knife blades on a bench grinder, small motor or buffer. The kit contains a glued up cutting wheel to sharpen the blade and a second wheel for white buffing compound to remove the wire edge and polish the cutting surface. Included in the kit is a small amount of buffing lubricant to soften the cutting action of the cutting abrasive, a supply of silicon carbide grit to use with glue to re-grit the cutting wheel as needed, and a block of white buffing compound for the second wheel. The wheels are made of layers of hard poster board, die-cut, and then turned for balancing. Extra grit and grease are available for these wheels. The wheels we stock have 5/8" arbor holes and we supply a bushing to take it down to 1/2" arbor hold.