Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter, Fast Flow, 0.1 Micron EZ Clean Membrane for Personal or Small Group Camping, Backpacking or Emergency Preparedness

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Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter, Fast Flow, 0.1 Micron EZ Clean Membrane

for Personal or Small Group Camping, Backpacking or Emergency Preparedness


About Katadyn Products


Katadyn’s unique products provide safety and convenience for many user groups including militaries, health organizations, and outdoor adventurers worldwide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer lasting performance.


Katadyn provides you with a water system for every need – including traveling, camping, backpacking, sailing, paddling, fishing, and biking.


Elevate your game and let gravity do the filtering with the BeFree 3.0L water filter system from Katadyn. You can drink directly from the reservoir or refill a bottle or another reservoir easily. Easy to use: fill and hang the ultra-durable HydraPak 3.0L reservoir using the integrated Bail Handle & Carry Loop; filters up to an impressive 2 liters per min. Easy to clean: simply shake or swish the EZ-Clean Membrane to remove debris. Collapsible 3.0L reservoir packs down small. 0.1-micron microfilter is tested to protect against harmful organisms, removing protozoa (99.99%) and bacteria (99.9999%) to EPA standards. 43mm, wide-mouth opening makes for easy filling from any lake, river, stream or faucet. Cap over the drink nozzle keeps dirt out. Tested to 1,000 liters; individual results will depend on water quality. BPA-free.

BeFree 3.0L Microfilter Bottle

Tested. Proven. Trusted.

With Katadyn's strong 90 year reputation, you can rest assured you have a rugged, reliable product that will keep you safe in any situation.

  • BeFree's 0.1 micron water filter removes harmful organisms like bacteria 99.9999% and protozoa like Giardia & Cryptosporidium 99.9%, surpassing EPA standards
  • EZ-Clean Membrane is simple and easy to clean by simply shaking or swishing the filter to clean debris, no backflushing or extra tools required
  • Filters up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water without using chemicals or other devices
  • Hydrate quickly and easily with the Free Flow Channels fast flow rate up to 2L per minute


  • Dimensions (in) 1 x 0.
  • Output (gal) 2 quart/min.
  • Technology Hollow fiber filter 0.1 micron.
  • Weight (oz) 4.


Water on Demand

There's no time to suck! Free Flow Channels let water flow fast enough to keep up with you, leaving you fully hydrated.

Smash, Stash and Go

Collapsible 3.0L Hydrapak Flask allows for easy filling and packs small (backpacking, paddling, group camping, etc.).

Simply Sophisticated

No backflushing. No clumsy tools. Maintain the EZ-Clean Membrane quickly and easily for longer life and more enjoyment. Simply shake or swish free the debris and be on your way.

Drink Water, Not Dirt

The Stay Clean Drink Nozzle keeps dirt on the ground and out of your mouth.

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