HKS 380 Caliber Magazine Speedloader

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HKS 380 Caliber  Magazine Speedloader

The HKS Magazine Speedloader is capable of loading 15 rounds in 18 seconds. Faster and easier than ever before, our magazine speed loader quickly loads double stack magazines. Its simple: magazine slips into loader and is held in by hand. Depress thumb lever and load. That's it.

This thumb-operated lever arm pistol speed loader is secret to fast and easy operation. No sore fingers. Works equally well right or left handed.

  • Capable of loading 15 rounds in 18 seconds
  • Loads double stack magazines; for single stack magazines Use HKS #943
  • Magazine slips into loader and is held in by hand
  • Thumb lever
  • 380 caliber; fits Taurus, Browning, BERETTA, bersa
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black

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