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G.I. Hardwired PSR1A Seismic Intrusion Detector Set

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G.I. Hardwired PSR1A Seismic Intrusion Detector Set

Hardwired PSR1A Seismic intrusion detector detects earth vibrations- someone walking, car driving by, even LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT, within a 30-50 yard circumference of each probe. This is not your typical "noisemaker" type BS perimeter alarm, this is THE REAL DEAL BABY!! Runs off of six "D" size batteries. Probes can be run up to 1 mile from the receiver. Comes with the standard 4 probes but can run up to sixteen probes. This ONE UNIT we listed in November of 2011 is in excellent condition, tested and runs fine. Probes look brand new and set comes with 4 probes, receiver, and manual. Built in speaker alerts you to detection WITHOUT THE TRESPASSER BEING ALERTED TO THEIR OWN DETECTION! Actual Military unit. These are THE REAL DEAL.

1960s Intrusion Detecting Set AN/PSR-1A This set is capable of detecting human footsteps, moving vehicles, low flying aircraft. This set comes with 4 seismometer's each one has a range of 30 yards in any direction for footsteps and 100 yards for vehicles. The control set may be placed up to one mile from the seismometer's. It requires 6 D cell batteries (not included) new batteries should last 3 months of continuous duty. It requires field telephone wire (not included)

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