G.I. CFP-90 Rucksack Complete - Woodland Camo

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U.S. Army Issue pack made of Cordura nylon in Woodland Camo. The CFP 90 is in fact two packs in one. The large pack has a huge carrying capacity and a separate pack on the top that can be used in conjunction with a tactical load bearing vest. The day pack measures 18" x 20" x 4" and has two pockets. The main pack is 30"T x 18"W x 11"D and has three side pockets, one top pocket, one internal pocket and a built in frame. There's a chest strap, lumbar pad, adjustable quick release belt and carry straps and a slotted pocket for a rifle, skis, etc. There's even a separate compartment to enclose your sleeping bag and lots of nylon straps for attaching additional Alice gear. Packs are Near New condition.