Eze-Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener with Leather Sheath

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Eze-Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener with Leather Sheath

Eze-Lap manufactures a wide variety of diamond products for sharpening knives and tools. EZE-LAP has been a pioneer and originator of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970's. Our patented diamond process and modern technology allows EZE-LAP to produce the finest quality diamond products for the lowest possible price. Eze-Lap boasts about its quality. We are proud to offer the flattest, most consistent production diamond tools avalable on the market today. Even after years of satisfaction, EZE-LAP customers are still amazed at the quality and consistency of the finishes that are achieved by the diamond tools. This kind of quality is achieved by a product entirely made in the USA and we take pride in that!

Whatever your sharpening needs, EZE-LAP has the diamond product for your knives and tools.

Great for touch-ups on your shearing knives out in the field. Millions of tiny diamond cutting surfaces on this sharpener are permanently bonded in stainless steel alloy. Replaces the jobs of other steels, stones, and ceramic sticks without oil or water. Sharpening steel unscrews and is placed inside the handle when not in use. 4 1/2″ long when closed. Includes leather sheath for wearing on a belt.

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  • Diamond Sharpening Steel
  • 3-1/4″ x 1/4″
  • Round Shaft Design
  • Weight 0.35 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 in