Exotac Polystriker Ferrocerium Fire Starter

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Exotac Polystriker Ferrocerium Fire Starter

Weighing only half an ounce, the Exotac PolyStriker™ firestarter can be carried along on every adventure to ensure you have the means to start a fire.

  • Long-lasting: Up to 1,000 strikes
  • Ultralight: Weighs 0.5 oz
  • Waterproof: Works when wet
  • Burns Hot: Over 5500F

Made from recyclable ABS plastic, the polySTRIKER fills the minimalist niche without sacrificing design or usability. The polySTRIKER line features the same innovative tungsten carbide striker design as the nanoSTRIKER. The tungsten carbide insert is built into an easy-to-use striking tool that snaps into the handle.




  • Scrape the tungsten carbide striker down the ferrocerium rod to spray sparks on your tinder; temperature reaches nearly 5,500°F
  • Ferrocerium rod works even when it is wet
  • Tungsten carbide striker snaps into the ABS plastic handle when it's not in use; simply push the striker out from the back of the handle when you need to use it
  • Provides up to 1,000 strikes
  • Tungsten carbide striker and the handle/rod are connected by a lanyard to ensure you don't lose either one
  • Exotac PolyStriker™ firestarter comes with instructions

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Technical specs:

Best Use
ABS plastic/tungsten carbide
0.5 x 4 inches
0.5 ounce