Condor Tactical Belt Item TB-002

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Condor Tactical Belt Item


The Condor Tactical Belt is perfect for ground pounders who need every break they can get in terms of load management. This 2” tactical belt with a quick release buckle is fully adjustable and fits up to a 44 inch waist. It is also the perfect complement to the Condor Battle Belt. Soldiers love the fact this tactical belt helps them distribute their loads more evenly around their waist for less strain on their back and shoulders. The belt includes two magazine pouches that are completely removable for use elsewhere. This Condor belt is an awesome choice for an everyday piece of gear that also offers an all-important tactical advantage.




  • Versatile, load-distributing, 2” wide belt with quick release buckle
  • Includes two removable pouches for magazines
  • A perfect complement for the Condor Battle Belt for maximum versatility
  • Fully adjustable and fits up to a 44 inch waist for customized fit

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