Condor MA31 Single P90/UMP45 Mag Pouch

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Condor MA31 Single P90/UMP45 Mag Pouch

The Condor Single P90 and UMP45 Mag Pouch was developed to be the most appropriate item for those that may need a high quality way to make sure they have got fast and simple use of their ammo. You'll never have too much ammunition with you. And because of the Condor Single P90 and UMP45 Mag Pouch, access to your extra magazines has not ever been an easier procedure. These magazine pouches are made with the types of heavy duty and dependable supplies you anticipate from this outstanding firm. Condor has been making high quality weapon magazine carrying pouches for a very long time, and the Condor Single P90 and UMP45 Mag Pouch is the result of their commitment to making certain shooters possess gear that will greatly improve their lives

The MA31 p90 ump 45 mag pouches hold one magazine a piece. These are ideal for any stick magazines including m1a1 thompson mags p90 magazines or other large straight mags. Molle compatible. Condors p90 mag pouch (ma31) features and adjustable top flap to accommodate different sized magazines and a front velcro closure to keep the mags secure. Elastic on the body of the mag pouch prevents mags from flopping or falling out even with the top flap folded open.


  • Adjustable flap to extend height up to 13"'
  • Import
  • Molle compatible

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