Condor Fold-Out Medical Bag

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Condor Molle Tri-fold Military Medical Bag MA 20

The Condor Fold Out Combat Lifesaver Medical Bag MA20 is perfect for military members, law enforcement personnel, individuals or families who never want to take a chance in a crisis. Whether you use this bag as a First Aid Bag, mini trauma bag or combat lifesaver kit, this bag stores enough important supplies to save a life.

Condor has engineered this first-aid bag with three roomy fold-out compartments, each with their own zippered closure. These compartments can easily store a multitude of different sized first aid supplies such as scissors, tensor bandages, tourniquets, bandages or wipes.When closed, the compartments inside this Condor medical bag fold into one another and the entire bag folds shut with a handy buckle. Plus, the shoulder strap is adjustable and can be removed.

- Three fold-out compartments with zippered closure
- One open pocket
- Adjustable & removable shoulder strap
- Web carrying handle
- Modular attachment strap

- 9"H x 10"W x 5"D

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