Book - Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics

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Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics: A How-To Guide for Protecting Your Loved Ones and Property When it All Comes Unglued.
When 911 is no longer available, will you be able to protect your family from the unthinkable?

We live in a dangerous world. Solar flares, EMPs, and cyber-attacks threaten to permanently disable the US power grid. Political dialogue has broken down in America. Hostilities between the left and right are at their worst since the first US Civil War, pushing our society to the brink of another internal conflict. US debt is at $22 trillion, looming over an imminent currency collapse. And every year, more localized catastrophes happen. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and wild fires leave thousands without the most basic necessities or the ability to call 911.

Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics will give you the tools you need to put together a basic security plan for your homestead, neighborhood, or group retreat to keep the wolves at bay. Learn from US Army Veteran David Kobler and Preparedness Expert Mark Goodwin how to secure the people and property that matter to you. Do it today, before it's too late.