Badlands Vario 1800 Day Pack

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Badlands Vario 1800 Day Pack

No two hunts are the same. It‘s a fact. The Badlands Vario Modular Pack System was designed to adapt to the changing conditions of the hunt. A truly customizable system, the Vario will be there for you like a trusty companion. No, not like a spouse...more like a loyal thoroughbred workhorse that would never leave you stranded. We think everyone deserves a partner like that. The best part? This companion comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.


  • Frame Sold Separately
  • Vario Day Bag Only
  • Compatible with Vario Frame
  • Lightweight Durable NEW KXO-50 Fabric
  • Hideaway Shoulder Shraps
  • Includes Rifle/Bow Boot
  • Side Stretch Pockets
  • Carry Compatible: Pistol, Rifle, Bow
  • Volume Total: 1800ci
  • Fits Reservoir Size: 3L
  • Total Weight: 2lb 3oz

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