Badlands Scope Cover Approach Camo

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Badlands Scope Cover 

Your scope may be one of the most expensive pieces of gear you own, so show it a little love with a Badlands Scope Cover. This is one tough skin for your scope, that’ll shield it from mud, dust, blood, scuffs, scratches, and all the other abuse a hunt can dish out. Available in Large and Small/Medium sizes to fit nearly any scope.

Your scope can be the difference between success or gut-wrenching, never forget the sight of the dirt kicking up just over his back for the rest of your life failure. Why not protect your investment form the abuses of the hunt? Full coverage for both lenses and a universal, stretch-fit design ensures your scope will be ready when it's time to squeeze the trigger.

  • Available in Small/Medium and Large Sizes
  • Adjustable Stretch-Fit Design
  • Small/Medium 2.25" dia - 13.75 Length
  • Large 2.75" dia - 15.75" Length

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