American Glove Company Rao Tex Pig Skin Glove Men

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American Glove Company Rao Tex Pig Skin Glove Men

American Glove Company specializes in all types of safety products: hand protection, leather gloves, coated gloves, cotton gloves, high performance gloves, supported gloves, unsupported gloves, disposable gloves, welding gloves, welding apparel, rainwear, safety eyewear, flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, respirators, hearing protection, etc.

  • Pig Grain Leather Mechanics Glove,
  • Blue Spandex Back, Velcro Wrist Closuer,
  • Thinsulated Lined 
  • Rao Tex Waterproof and Breathable Insert

Rao Tex is a High-Tec composite system that combines innovative fabric and coating technology for superior waterproof, breathable, windproof protection and comfort.

Protection You are completely protected by a high performance, waterproof breathable, windproof barrier combined with a teflon water repellent finish.

Comfort The harder you work, the more your body's temperature rises, and the harder RAO TEX works to breath away perspiration-keeping you dry and comfortable.

Durability After months of rigorous lab testing, gruelling field testing and demanding strength tests RAO TEX has shown time and again to be up to the challenge.

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